Water Scarcity

Developing a Water Footprint for Business Resilience

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The paper discusses the challenges of water scarcity and the way businesses can respond through the role of the water footprint. Key to its development is understanding the data requirements and then how best to use it to measure performance. The article also sets out a suggested step by step approach to measure water usage and develop an accurate understanding of risk through direct operations and within the supply chain. This will in turn enable future targets and goals to be set towards a more sustainable and resilient operation, thereby maintaining business continuity, social licence to operate and brand value.

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Published in Food Science & Technology,(2012) .vol. 26 (1), pp.38-41. FS&T is the quarterly information journal of the UK’s Institute of Food Science and Technology (www.ifst.org).  Written in association with Two Tomorrows Group (www.twotomorrows.com).

To find out more about the water footprint in your business please contact Chris White.

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