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Christopher White has 30 years of experience in water & environmental consultancy working within industry and with considerable international due diligence experience. He is currently freelance with a passion for water security, helping clients understand the issues, implement pragmatic initiatives/ solutions to gain and maintain competitive advantage.

  • C hris is based in Shrewsbury, United Kingdom.

    If you require consultancy support please contact Christopher White at:


    Phone: +44 (0) 7583 421 202

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  • H e has specific experience of water security assessments within industry to assess longer-term business risk and opportunities throughout global supply chains.

    Hence going beyond water minimisation within a factory itself to look at competition of water supply with neighbouring industry and communities, climate change adaption scenarios, government climate change adaption policy, reputational risk, water supply infrastructure, implications of aquifer pollution, supply chain water usage and critical points in product manufacture etc.

  • C hris is a hydrogeologist by training (MSc University of Birmingham) and has 30 years of experience in water & environmental consultancy.

    Over the past 13 years he has also been involved in many international due diligence projects with the added responsibility of managing a global network (50 countries) of environmental consultants on behalf of his former employer, SKM-Enviros. This included visiting and working internationally.

    Much of his consultancy career has involved extensive project management and project direction, communication with clients, regulators and many other stakeholders; winning their confidence, support, collaboration and building working relationships through dedication in his work and enjoyment of working as a team.

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